Europe / Scandinavia


Judaic Journey
The child of Holocaust survivors travels to five countries of her parents' pre-war past

The Birds of Auschwitz
Touring Poland in the footsteps of ancestors

Budapest and Prague
Historic cities witness a cultural rebirth

The Glory of Spain: CORDOBA and ABOVE THE PUERTA
Two new poems by renowned poet and author, Seymour Mayne,’s very own "Poet in Electronic Residence"

Belle of the Baltics: to Russia with love
Silver Whisper's splendid cruise of Northern Europe

Austria: The Sounds of Music
Opera buff Pat Dineen tells you where
to find the best operas, concerts, festivals

For the Love of Food
Aah, la dolce vita di Toscano – the sweet life of Tuscany!
Toby Saltzman learns to create true Italian cuisine at sumptuous Villa Delia.

Italian Links and Sand-wedges
Learn to speak the international language of golf in Tuscany. Play the best fairways.
By Toby Saltzman

Scandinavia's Cool Capitals
A smorgasbord of cool capitals awaits you in northern Europe.
The sights are hot in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo.

Cruising the Midnight Sun
Cruise expert Toby Saltzman sails north of the Arctic Circle on
a Norwegian fiords cruise aboard Silversea's luxurious Silver Wind.

Spain's Spectacular Past
Joanna Ebbutt traces the footsteps of Emperor Charles V
and discovers that the most powerful man of his time
hid secrets of a mad queen and a bastard son.
Ah, but did his lavish surrounding bring inner peace?

Amsterdam: A Poem by Seymour Mayne
In the days of Spinoza and Rembrandt when great uncelebrated
figures helped make it the remarkable city it is.

Spanish Love
Three inspiring poems by renowned poet and author, Seymour Mayne.

TENERIFE: A paradise by any name.
The Canary Islands are "Fortunate Islands" indeed.
Gordon Garrison paints a rich picture of his well-researched tour

Siberia, A Memoir by Percy Rowe
In Siberia there is a saying: "100 kilometers is not a distance,
40 below is not a frost, a half liter of vodka is not a drink,
and 40 years is not a woman."
Going out of 1981 towards a new year, from daylight grey to
blackness over the Urals, renowned travel writer Percy Rowe
recognized the truth of at least the first part of the aphorism.

Holland is a Cycling Paradise
Travel with your back to the wind and carry Donald Telfer’s tips in your knapsack.

Mediterranean Memories
Diary of a cost-effective dream cruise, visiting historic port
cities aboard Vision of the Seas.

A Ghost of Russia's Past
Boris Pasternak was banished and reviled by the Soviet Regime,
but today his dacha is a shrine visited by Russian literati and tourists.

Brussels on Business
Joanna Ebbutt offers expert advice on where to stay,
what to do and the intricacies of Brussels’ business etiquette.




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