The Birds of Auschwitz
Touring Poland in the footsteps of ancestors

The Glory of Spain: CORDOBA and ABOVE THE PUERTA
Two new poems by renowned poet and author, Seymour Mayne,
Travelterrific.comís very own "Poet in Electronic Residence"

Amsterdam: A Poem by Seymour Mayne
In the days of Spinoza and Rembrandt when great uncelebrated
figures helped make it the remarkable city it is.

Avoiding the Midnight Buffet
Chuckle along with Percy Rowe as he recounts delightful sea-faring tales.
Every one of them true.

Spanish Love
Three inspiring poems by renowned poet and author, Seymour Mayne.

Siberia, A Memoir by Percy Rowe
In Siberia there is a saying: "100 kilometers is not a distance,
40 below is not a frost, a half liter of vodka is not a drink,
and 40 years is not a woman."
Going out of 1981 towards a new year, from daylight grey to
blackness over the Urals, renowned travel writer Percy Rowe
recognized the truth of at least the first part of the aphorism.

Ottawa Dozes Amidst Its Leafy Trees
An exquisite poem by Seymour Mayne, Professor of Canadian Literature at Ottawa University

Literary Contributions
At travelterrific we welcome your original short stories and poems.




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