Middle East


In the Footsteps of the Gods
Visitors to Cyprus are swept into the
legendary intrigues of the ancient Greeks.
Text and photos by Joanna Ebbutt

Megiddo, Israel
The archeological site of Megiddo in Israel shows continued rebuilding in the wake of
adversity. Whether you believe in the theory of Armageddon, you will be totally
absorbed in the excavation as you stand amid the amazing site of Megiddo.
By Toby Saltzman

Inspired by Pope John Paul II, tourists are flocking to Jerusalem.
See the Pontiff's portrait. Discover the places He graced with His presence.

Walls of Wonder
Getting to Petra takes some effort, but the unique carved cliffs are worth it.
Jordan's ancient Nabatean city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jerusalem: An Anthology of Jewish Canadian Poetry
When Pope John Paul II stood at the Western Wall
His presence paid tribute to three millennia of people.
This anthology adds the passionate voices of
Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen and other poets




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