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Don't Just Sit There…Move!
The next time you're on a plane or train for hours, heed the advice of Dr. Allan Gordon. The renowned Neurologist, Director of an innovative Pain Management Center says: A little activity can go a long way towards preventing blood clots and pain.
By Toby Saltzman

Used to be that doctors used the phrase "Economy Class Syndrome" to peg the collective maladies that patients developed during long haul flights. Back then, it was thought that those at the back of a plane were more likely to develop phlebitis - blood clotting in the veins of the legs - which can be a serious and potentially fatal condition.

Turns out, the affliction has less to with class of travel - from first to economy - than, among other things, prolonged inactivity. When you are sitting in a confined space, immobile for more than three hours, you are potentially courting problems, says Dr. Allan Gordon, Neurologist and Director of the Wasser Pain Management Center at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital. "In such situations, the majority of travelers may experience swollen ankles and feet, or pinch a nerve. If they have poor arteries, continued pressure on one area (say, on the back of the thighs from a firm seat) can cause ulcerations. If they have back problems, arthritis or Parkinson's disease, they can stiffen up." But in some cases - and the risk is higher if you are over 40, pregnant, dehydrated, have experienced recent surgery or have a history of heart or vein problems - the inactivity can precipitate a blood clot. "In extreme cases, clotting in the veins of the legs (phlebitis) could conceivably break into smaller clots that travel through the body to the lungs, causing chest pains and even death."

Dr. Gordon suggests a number of sensible strategies for avoiding the potential discomforts of a long-haul journey and for minimizing the risk of blood clots. "Think preventatively. Choose the right seat on the right airplane. Pick flights that offer ample room between seats so that you will not be cramped into a tight position. Plan your seat: choose a bulkhead, aisle, or emergency-exit seat that allows you get up and move about comparatively easily. Change your position and stretch every half-hour."

There are little movements you can do right in your seat, in any class: Elevate your legs on your hand luggage; rotate your feet in alternate directions to soothe your ankles; stretch your calf muscles by clench your toes towards you while keeping your heels on the ground. As for dehydration: avoid alcohol and drink plenty of fluids." Your body will thank you after long-haul journeys if you don't just sit there, but move.



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